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Penguin Recovery SEO Services

Link Building is an important part of off-page optimization for search engines. Quality links actually increase the ranking of the website significantly. The three main dimensions of the link building are:

  1. Link Quality
  2. Link Text
  3. Number of Links

In order to modify the ranking of a website of search engines, people have started to use techniques which are considered as un-ethical. These tactics are usually knows as black-hat techniques. Google Penguin was the search engines response to dissuade these tactics.

Discouraging Manipulative Tactics:

These manipulative link building techniques that used link-schemes for building links were the main target. The tactics which were disparaged were:

  • Buying Links
  • The Thin Sites
  • Link Trading
  • Spam Links

With Google Penguin in place, it has become important for the site owners to take a comprehensive view of link building. Having a link profile has become mandatory now and if the algorithm finds dubious practices the site owner may have to audit the entire site.

The algorithm also intends to contain the web-spam. Google says if a website doesn’t meet the quality guide-lines of the website it will end-up getting penalized. This means their rankings will see a substantial decrease in Search Engines.

Restoring the Site-Rank:

To restore the rankings and stop the site from getting penalized we have dedicated professionals. They will analyze your website from various points of views and suggest the changes.

Their expert advice actually helps in getting the ranking back-on-track. Besides we provide host of other services which significantly enhances your rankings.

It is worth mentioning the fact that Panda is an algorithmic update. It is not a manual penalty. After the modifications the website is submitted to see the changes in the rankings. We continue to make efforts until the rankings have improved.