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Well, nothing can hurt your website more than badly written content. Neither users nor the search engines like them.

If a copy of the content of your website exists on other websites, your website-ranking goes down significantly. This is because the Google has algorithms which constantly assess the quality of the content. If it is found to be of low-quality or plagiarized, it affects the website ranking on the various search engines.

What is Google’s Panda Algorithm?

Simply put it is the latest Google’s search algorithm. The main objective of coming up with this king of an algorithm is to promote the high-quality content site while lowering the rank of low-quality content sites. This also stops the spammy content to reach the search engines.

SEO India Higherup Panda Recovery Process

The update has affected many websites. For better understanding of algorithm Google provided following questions which will help understand the working of the algorithm:

  • Whether the information provided in the article is reliable?
  • Are the articles written by professionals or amateurs?
  • Is redundancy of content present in the website?
  • Can you give important personal details on this website?
  • Do articles contain errors?
  • Is the content genuine or meant for solely optimizations purposes?
  • Is the website content original or has been taken from some other website?
  • Does the page provides content of value or is simply copied?
  • Is the site a known authority on the topic?
  • Is the content mass-produced or attention is paid to smaller details and every page!

Besides, there were numerous other questions which helped the webmaster judge the quality of the content.

Our Panda Recovery SEO Services:

If you have been penalized by Panda for non-compliance we can help you. We have Panda experts who have many years of experience in working in bringing your site come clean out of any penalties. We also provide many other services which are of great use for enhancing website ranking on Search Engines.